1. Normal campus mail is delivered/picked up from the mailroom once a day, at approximately 1:00pm.
  2. You will be notified of any packages that arrive for you by a note in your mailbox. The packages are kept in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet or placed on the floor in the mailroom. We do not deliver packages to faculty offices.
  3. If you are going away for any length of time, please make arrangements with your department secretary to have your mail picked up.
  4. If you have a large (bulk) mailing going out, you will need to call mail services at 593-1850.  
  5. If you have a bulk mailing, make sure the labels are in zip code order. Otherwise, the mailing will have to be sent out as first class mail.
  6. The mailroom contains the faculty copier, The fax number is 593-9342. If you have any problems with any of this equipment, please contact Adam Yulish
  7. There are limited supplies kept in the mail room such as: paper, transparencies, color paper, and campus envelopes. If you need additional supplies, please ask your department secretary.