Prepare yourself for the challenges of the global business environment you will encounter upon graduation by working in a cross-cultural consulting team to solve authentic business problems abroad.

Choose from among 13 exciting locations, each with its own rich cultural heritage and unique opportunities for hands-on learning in a global business context.

  • Applied business experience – Put your business skills to work providing solutions to complex problems for local and multinational clients.  Working with a real company challenges you to integrate your business skills and bring about positive change.
  • Cross-cultural immersion – Engage with your student peers abroad as colleagues, classmates and friends as you explore the distinctive culture of your chosen location.  Each site offers unique excursions that will enrich your cross-cultural experience.
  • Global business leadership skills development – Gain valuable, career-building experience as you work in multicultural teams. Experience in cross-cultural communication and management is a must in today’s global business environment.

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What students are Saying About the Global Consulting Program (GCP)

"Participating in GCP is, to this date, the most life-changing and enriching experience I've had...The sites are breathtaking, project material is relevant, and adversity proved to be a fantastic growing opportunity making GCP the best thing I've done in college to position myself for future employers."
"When I signed up for GCP I was only doing it to fulfill the Global Perspectives requirement. After one day in Argentina my mindset had completely changed. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life!"
"It was more than an education experience - it was a real experience. I learned more in one week and ten days than I could have ever imagined ...."
"If you have the chance to apply knowledge learned into an actual business atmosphere overseas, the learning value is priceless."
"I learned business in Germany, how to adapt in challenging situation, and how to work in a high performance team.  I believe that every penny spent on this program was well worth it."

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