The Society of Alumni & Friends

The Ohio University College of Business Society of Alumni and Friends (SAF) was organized in 1982 to serve as the primary liaison between the College of Business and its alumni.

The Society functions as the formal alumni relations arm of the College and continues to pioneer numerous programs and initiatives. The CoB SAF record of accomplishments, pride and commitment places it in the forefront of innovative and meaningful alumni involvement.

Every graduate and student of the college is automatically a member of the College of Business Society of Alumni and Friends. 

The mission of the board is to assist in the professional development and job placement of OU College of Business students through alumni networking, mentoring and workshops.

The SAF board also works closely with Connect, a student organization focused on connecting our students with alumni. All of Connect's events are listed under Upcoming Events along with the other alumni events that we hold each year for CoB alumni.

Goals of the OU CoB SAF Board of Directors:

  • Support and help plan off-campus regional College of Business and OU Alumni Assocation events by engaging, recruiting and increasing alumni engagement.
  • Provide on-campus events that will allow College of Business students opportunities to interact with alumni.
  • Provide mentorship to a Connect mentee and other CoB students through the OU Mentor Network.
  • Engage alumni through social media and personal networks to participate in events, the mentor network, externships, and recruiting.

2013-14 Executive Board

Erin James '07
Charlotte, NC
Sarah Goodwin '02
Vice President
Cincinnati, OH
Holly Seckinger '02
Columbus, OH
Alyson Shupe '08
New York City, NY
TJ Simonik '07
Past President
Charlotte, NC




2013-14 CoB SAF Board of Directors

Fall 2013 Board Meeting in Athens, OH. Pictured, 1st row, left to right: Zak Kempton, Chris Murnane, Alyson Shupe, Sarah Goodwin, Rob Tucker, and Holly Seckinger, 2nd row, left to right: David Jackson, Ron Hagan, Erin James, TJ Simonik, Michael Malesick


Ron Hagan '74
Columbus, OH

David Jackson '09
Columbus, OH

Zak Kempton '98
Cincinnati, OH

Michael Malesick '11
Cincinnati, OH 

Colin McHale '09
Cleveland, OH

Kate Melenick '08

Columbus, OH 

Chris Murnane '09

Columbus, OH

Erin Rudy '07

Cleveland, OH

Rob Tucker '04
Columbus, OH

Walt Willamson '08
Columbus, OH

Bridget Ziegler '03
Cincinnati, OH













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