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The Center for International Business Education and Development is the College of Business entity overseeing College of Business international programs at home and abroad. Please see our Programs sections to learn more about what CIBED has to offer, including study abroad programs for undergraduate students.

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Meet College of Business INTERNSHIP and GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE requirements by participating in the OHIO International Consulting Program (OICP). For more information, please visit the OHIO International Consulting Program at

What Students Are Saying About Our Programs

"My favorite experience at Ohio University was the Global Consulting Program. I grew and learned so much during the two weeks in France. I developed a more refined professional personality, gained a lot of autonomy, and became more independent. It's one of my favorite talking points when talking to prospective students as a Student Ambassador. I highly recommend the experience to them and tell them about my amazing time abroad. I also believe that GCP gave me a leg up as far as getting an interview for an internship since it provides real life experience and cultural empathy." - Adam Cellar, 2013 Hellebrandt Award Recipient

"GCP was definitely one of my favorite experiences through the College of Business. Having the opportunity to travel and study in China is hands down the most important and coolest thing I have ever done. I learned more about myself and the world around me in the months I was in China than I have in all my years in the classroom."  - David Carlson, 2013 Junior Wolfe Scholar Award

"My favorite experience through the College of Business was participating in GCP traveling to Argentina. There I met some of the most amazing people that will be best friends for life. It helped me embrace adversity in all aspects of my life."  - Trevor Skove, 2013 Student Leadership Award

"OICP [OHIO International Consulting Program] was the most challenging, yet the most useful, academic experience I have ever had.  The program gives you interaction with a live client and requires you to apply what you have learned in the classroom to a real-world situation.  You will have the chance to network with faculty and members of the company you are working with.  OICP requires you to invest yourself and time into the project which, with the guidance of the faculty, will result in a professional deliverable.  It is a challenge, but in the process you will learn a lot about the cultures of teammates and more importantly, you will learn a lot about what you can offer to an employer in the future." - Joseph Sekula 

"Pete Senge once said that 'hidden patterns hold us prisoners' - the International MBA Program made these patterns visible." - Carlos Frederico, International MBA Program in partnership with Getulio Vargas Foundation

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