Center for International Business Education and Development (CIBED)

The Center for International Business Education and Development is the College of Business entity overseeing CoB international programs at home and abroad.

The Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership

The mission of the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership is to educate and provide professional development opportunities designed to create leaders who can make a difference in whatever organization they join, and can more readily move into strategic leadership positions

The Schey Sales Centre

The Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University is dedicated to developing Ohio University students as tomorrow's sales stars and leaders; to supporting sales practitioners with sales research and executive development; and to enhancing the sales profession.

The Center for Entrepreneurship

As a partnership between Ohio University’s College of Business and Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, the Center for Entrepreneurship builds upon and raises to new levels longstanding efforts at the University and throughout the region to provide entrepreneurial education, business assistance services, and investment capital for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.

Center for Sports Administration

Forty years ago when the idea for an academic program built around sports administration came to fruition, one could hardly predict the level of complexity that the sports industry has become today. Through the years, the sports industry has continued to evolve, becoming increasingly global and more complex in its approach to business. As such, Ohio University’s Center for Sports Administration was founded to serve as a resource to solve the increasingly difficult issues facing the sports industry.

Center for Professional Communication

The Center's mission is to help members of the College of Business community achieve academic, intellectual, and professional goals by providing instruction and guidance in all facets of human communication, from writing and speaking to listening and group and team interaction.

What they say...

In the cluster, you learn how to balance your time and be productive. You learn how to present effectively, and to write precise, appropriate documents for real clients. It's all real-world applicable. It just really polishes you as a person.
-- Kathleen Bennett
M.I.S. & Accounting Major
Doing business in another culture is something unique that we offer. Students struggle with some of the challenges of cross-cultural working, but watching them work through it while also delivering value for another client is pretty remarkable.
-- Gary Coombs
Assoc. Professor of Management
The College of Business offers students opportunities to get involved outside the classroom. In our extracurricular activities, we have the opportunity to discover our leadership qualities.
-- Jordan Lebovitz
Finance & Accounting Major