In a Bear Market World, you need a Bull Market Education

Finance Money boxThe Finance Major provides a solid background in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Corporate Finance, Investments, and Financial Institutions. Students then choose one of three tracks to gain specific knowledge in corporate finance, investments, or financial planning.

Upon graduation, finance majors typically obtain entry-level positions in such areas as banking, insurance, government services, or in an array of industries that employ financial analysts, decision makers, financial strategists, budgeting officers, and planners.

We also offer Finance 2010 and Finance 2020 to non-majors.  These students are guests of the College of Business and some have their interests peaked sufficiently to transfer into the college.  Finance 2010 provides students with the basic knowledge necessary to manage their personal finances as students after graduation.  Students have described the class as extremely valuable and practical.  Finance 2020 is a required course for the business minor and provides students with the sound understanding of corporate finance necessary to properly explore other facets of business.