Executive Advisory Board


Term of Office

Board members are appointed by the Dean and serve three-year terms that are renewable.


There are two formal meetings of the Board each year. These normally occur in the fall and spring with a two-day duration. Members are strongly encouraged to attend meetings.

Other Board Expectations
Members should be available to assist in the pursuit of Executive Advisory Board and College goals and objectives in their respective communities and on campus on a continuing basis. Members are expected to contribute to the financial support of Executive Advisory Board and to college projects, programs, and priorities. General support of university initiatives is also encouraged.

Life Members

Members of the EAB who have dilligently served the College and who have fulfilled the obligations of membership will be offered Life Membership Status if other obligations prohibit them from fulfilling the requirement of membership. Life members are invited and encouraged to attend meetings whenever possible and participate in the on-going activities of the EAB. Life members may be re-appointed to active status by the Dean if they are willing and able to fulfill the requirements of the Board.


The Dean will appoint a representative of the College to serve as secretary to both the EAB and the Steering Committee. This individual will attend all meetings and functions of the board and record the minutes of these meetings. 

Steering Committee


The purpose of the Steering Committee is to act as a consulatative body for the Dean and Executive Advisory Board. The committee will meet as often as necessary to facilitate the business and activities of the Executive Advisory Board. The Steering Committee shall be comprised of six EAB members along with the Dean of the college of Business. Each member of the Steering Committee will be appointed by a majority vote of the then existing Steering Committee and will serve a term of three years. Annually a new Vice Chairman shall be appointed by the Steering Committee with a majority vote. The Vice-Chairman will serve in that capacity for one year and, in the subsequent year, succeed the Chairman. A Vice-Chairman cannot be appointed if he or she has less than two years remaining on their term on the Steering Committee. Steering Committee members may serve more than one term provided the terms are seperated by at least one year of abscence from the Steering Committee. Members chosen for the Steering Committee shall have their EAB memberships automatically extended through the term of their service on the Steering Committee. If a Steering Committee member fails to serve his or her entire term, a replacement will be chosen to complete the remaining portion of the term. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman will serve in that capacity for the entire Executive Advisory Board. Steering Committee candidates will be nominated by the Dean and members of the Steering Committee and accepted by a majority vote of the entire Steering Committee.

The Chairman will serve a one-year term. A member may not serve two consecutive terms as Chairman. If a chairman is unable to complete the term, a replacement will be appointed by the Steering Committee to complete the term.

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