Named Professorships

Procedure and Performance Expectations

Approved 1/13/09, updated 12/16 - CoB Executive Committee


Reward, Retain and Recognize exceptional performance and assist with recruiting senior faculty.


Tenured associate and full professors in the College of Business are eligible to apply for Named Professorships.

An individual may hold only one Named Professorship at a time.  Named Professorships may be awarded to those with tenure who have demonstrated one of the following (consistent with College of Business Tenure and Promotion guidelines and expectations defined by the Named Professor Committee):

·         Teaching Excellence with at least 6 years total academic teaching experience

·         Intellectual Contribution Excellence with at least 6 years total academic teaching experience

·         Other, if stipulated in the Gift Agreement (e.g. The Ralph and Luci Schey Professor of Sales for the Directory of the Sales Centre, Daley Professorship for the Director of the School of Accountancy, Dipple Professorship for the Dean) or as part of a hiring or retention package

A Professorship may sit vacant if no suitable candidate is identified.


Named Professors will be expected to enrich the academic life of the College and enhance its national visibility through active participation in professional and intellectual activities beyond what is expected of other faculty.

Specifically, Named Professors will be expected to excel in the following areas depending on their original appointment:

Basis for Appointment as Named Professor

Expectations with respect to:


Intellectual Contribution


Teaching Excellence




Excellence in Intellectual Contribution





Teaching Excellence can, for example, be demonstrated by activities such as: being in the highest teaching evaluation rank awarded by the one's department on annual evaluations for at least two years of a three year team, being available to help students outside the classes, organizing and participating in teaching improvement activities, incorporating innovations in classroom, offering current teaching materials, publishing text books, offering workshops on teaching in national conferences, receiving significant teaching-related grants from outside sources, being a consultant, winning University wide, national and/or international teaching awards.

Excellence in Intellectual Contribution can, for example, be demonstrated by activities such as:  publishing at least 1 article in the upper two levels of journals on the College list and being in the highest intellectual contribution rank awarded by the one's department on annual evaluations for at least two years of a three year term, mentoring junior faculty in their research efforts, being an expert witness in the area of one's specialization, offering research workshops in national conferences, receiving significant research grants from outside sources, publishing research monographs/professional books.

Expectations for each current professorship should be developed and as new professorships are created, the Dean should develop specific expectations with the donor. These expectations should be documented with input from the Named Professor Advisory Committee (defined below) and the Executive Team. Expectations should document whether the professorship is restricted to either associate or full professors.


Appointments are normally made for a term of three years unless otherwise stated in the expectations for the professorship.  Named Professors must be evaluated against the expectations for the professorship at the end of the first term.  If the professorship is held for a  second term, it is relinquished at the end of that second term and an open competition for the professorship is held.  The previous holder of the professorship can compete for the position on equal footing with all other applicants.


The College will establish a Named Professorship Advisory Committee charged with making recommendations to the Dean about  expectations  of Named Professorships, advertising positions, accepting and evaluating nominations for initial appointment and reviewing performance for making renewal recommendations to the Dean.  Any appointments involving exceptions to the guidelines should be made in consultation with the committee.

The Committee will consist of up to six full/associate Professors, one per department/school. These member will be appointed by the Executive Team in consultation with the Department Chair/School Director. Current holders of Named Professorships may serve on the Committee but must excuse themselves from review of their own appointments. The committee will elect a chair from among the members to coordinate activities and communicate with applicants and make recommendations on behalf of the committee. 

 Each Named Professor will be provided a copy of this document as a part of the performance and leadership expectations stated in his or her appointment letter. This document will also be posted on the College website.


Each Named Professor is encouraged to periodically communicate with the Donor if possible and desired. 

At the renewal time, a Comprehensive Report will be submitted to the Named Professorship Advisory Committee.  These reports must indicate activities and accomplishments related to performance and leadership expectations detailed in the Professorship appointment letter and any special requirements associated with the professorship if they exist.  The Committee should request and consider feedback from various constituent groups, including, but not limited to, the Donor (if available) and other faculty members, in making renewal recommendation.