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Basic Personal Finance (FIN2010)

  • Credit Hours: 3

  • Prereqs: None

  • When Offered: Every semester including both summer sessions

  • Course Type: Online or classroom

  • Status: Fulfills Tier II requirement 


93% of Americans think Personal Finance classes should be required (according to a study by VISA).

Read this article on why you should take a Personal Finance class

Topics covered include:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Investing

"The most practical class I've taken" - Doug, OU student


"I work fulltime as a nurse in Lancaster and casual at another facility in Columbus so I am scheduled or on-call every day except Monday next week.

I am at the end of my BSN program and needed some filler credits. I love this class and find it very interesting and easy to comprehend thus making it easy for me to work at a faster pace.Some of the information I already knew just from life experiences but some stuff (calculating interest rates, stocks, bonds, and most of the life insurance) I am learning now and it has really caught my attention. I enjoy these self paced classes and it works well with my homelife. Those learnsmart modules are super helpful! 

Out of all of my classes this semester (4) I enjoy this class the most because it interests me. Not using blackboard is nice too for a change. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone."  - Amy, OU student


"Force yourself to take a personal finance class in college. I promise that you will not regret the time you invest in educating yourself in this vital topic." - Ben Mulling, Huffington Post



Online Instructor Scott Wright

FAQs for the online class

What are the steps to proceed in the course?

  1. Buy the access code to the class (optional textbook is additional $40)
  2. Watch the chapter narrated PowerPoint slides
  3. Work through the chapter LearnSmart modules
  4. Watch the chapter videos and take notes
  5. Take the chapter quiz
  6. Work on your Personal Financial Plan

Will Blackboard be utilized for the course?

  Yes. You will access McGraw-Hill Connect through Blackboard.

Can I finish the course early?

  Yes, you can complete the entire course at any time before the end of the semester.

Are the exams proctored somewhere?

  No, all exams will be taken online and are open book.

Do I need a special calculator?

  No, a basic one will work fine.

Is there a lot of math?

  Not too much. The course is mainly about understanding financial concepts.

Is this a self-paced course?

  There are due dates every few weeks so there is a lot of flexibility for when quizzes are taken. The class could easily be completed before the end of the semester.

What are the main deliverables for the course?

  Each chapter has a homework assignment and a quiz. Through the semester students will develop a personal financial plan.

Is the course offered as a normal "in-person" class?

  Yes, there are some sections offered throughout the year. Check the course offerings for availability.

How do I purchase the book?

   Order it online with the link provided in the syllabus.

What if I already have a textbook for the class?

   Then just order the online access code supplied in the syllabus.