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The Birthplace of Sports Administration

Today, there are more than 300 sports administration programs to choose from. In 1966, there was only one. 
Ohio University has been paving the way for over forty years, making the dream of having a career in sports into a reality for longer than any other school in the world. 
With more than 3,000 total alumni, the OHIO Department of Sports Administration has educated a student from every state in America. But it doesn’t stop there. We also have alumni from over 20 different countries outside of the United States.
We show the world who we are by occupying influential and high profile positions in every segment of the industry. It always comes back to the alumni, the network, the willingness to give back and the desire to open the door for the next generation. 
Why Ohio University you ask? Because we are still the one. 
We've been trailblazing since day one, and haven't slowed down a bit. Our vision and mission are simple. We care about sports, and we care about people


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