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Honors Program

The Business Honors Program at Ohio University is specially designed for academic achievement-oriented students with a unique, demanding, engaged and applied learning experience. Join us at freshmen level for four academically rewarding years with in-depth learning, real-world experience and much more.

Business Cluster

The Business Cluster combines traditionally independent classes into one integrated class taught by a team of professors. The cluster combines management, marketing, management information systems, and finance. Student teams are challenged to solve authentic business problems. Students learn and integrate key concepts, and also gain practical experience in leadership, time management, teamwork, problem solving, and analytical thinking. Undergraduates work on up to three projects over a 10-week period, often with a real company needing help on specific issues.

Junior Executive Business Program

The Junior Executive Business Program for Diverse Students is an eight-day collegiate experience geared toward high school juniors from disproportionately represented cultural backgrounds who want to major in business when they go to college, and invites them to participate in a real college experience on the campus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Select Leadership Development Program

The Select Leadership Development Program accelerates personal growth, professional development, and leadership identity of high-potential students within the College of Business, helping them to differentiate themselves as leaders. Students are provided a unique opportunity for greatly accelerated and focused development as a leader and as a professional.

Global Consulting Program

The GCP prepares students for the global business community that they will enter upon graduation. At each GCP location, students partner with their peers at our foreign partner schools to research and propose solutions for real companies, learning integrated business techniques and gaining consulting experience that reaches across cultures. Locations include Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Spain.

Simonyi Program in Hungary

Hosting a 6-week applied learning opportunity for Ohio University students, the Simonyi Center is hosted at the University of Pecs in Pecs, Hungary. The center collaborates with businesses and educational institutions both locally and seeks to advance economic development through the promotion and support of science, innovation, cultural arts, entrepreneurship and applied education.