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The Internship Process - Step by Step

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Getting Academic Credit for Your Internship


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline to apply for credit?
Yes. You should apply for credit before your internship.

Do I need to attend a class?
No, you only have to submit a final reflection paper the semester you add your internship credits to your schedule.

When do my internship credits get added to my schedule?
On the internship application, you will select a semester that you want these credits added to your schedule. The department will add those credits that semester. You MUST select a semester AFTER you have completed the internship.

What if my internship credits will put me over 20 hours for the semester?
You can select another semester on your application.

Gather Hiring Tools

Write Internship Paper

Please open the word document below for specifications.

If you are approved for academic credit for your College of Business Internship, you must complete a REFLECTION paper in order to receive your grade.

All students are encouraged to keep a journal during their internship. You should make entries at least once a week, and more often if there are significant activities to report. Your journal, however, will not be turned in; rather, you can use it while you are completing your paper.