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Academic Policies

Freshman Drop Policy

Any freshman admitted to the College of Business on the Athens campus during the fall quarter will be dropped from the College of Business if he or she has earned less than a 2.5 accumulative GPA after his or her first three academic quarters.

Grades will be reviewed at the end of spring quarter. Freshmen with an accumulative GPA less than 2.5 at that time will have a hold put on their academic records, making them unable to register for future classes until they transfer out of the College of Business and into another Ohio University college.

Students who are dropped from the College of Business may apply for transfer into the College of Business once their GPA is over 2.5.

Note: COB freshmen who earn a fall quarter GPA of less than 2.75 will be required to attend an academic success workshop.

Academic Probation

At the close of a quarter in which your accumulative GPA falls below a 2.0, you will be placed on college probation. You will remain on college probation until your accumulative GPA is above 2.0, but for no longer than two quarters. If you have not raised your accumulative GPA to at least 2.0 after two quarters of college probation, you will be dismissed from the College of Business. If you are dismissed from the College of Business with a GPA based on these college probation standards, but do not qualify for academic dismissal under the University standards, you might be able to transfer into another college within Ohio University. At that time the Ohio University standards for University-level academic probation and dismissal will apply.

It is important to be aware that the minimum academic standards for the College of Business are at a higher level than the minimum academic standards for Ohio University. Please familiarize yourself with the University policy for academic probation and dismissal, which can be found in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog.

Declaring a Major

You can complete the paperwork needed to declare or change your business major(s) at The College of Business Office of Student Services which is located in 214 Copeland Hall. No appointment is needed to complete the paperwork but if you wish to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss issues related to changing your major, you should call (740) 593-2000 to arrange an appointment.

Graduation Audit Procedure

While the DARS report is considered sufficient to enable students to schedule courses throughout their undergraduate experience, a one-on-one graduation audit conducted by a academic advisor in the CoB Office of Student Services is recommended for students in their junior or senior year. Students may schedule an appointment by calling (740) 593-2000.

DARS Reports

FRESHMEN: Official DARS reports (those that indicate RAC and time/date to register) are distributed by Academic Advisors in quarterly small-group advising sessions. CoB freshmen should watch their e-mail each quarter to learn when they can schedule their session.

UPPERCLASSMEN: Official DARS reports (those that indicate RAC and time/date to register) are distributed quarterly through faculty advisors.

UNOFFICIAL DARS REPORTS: (ones that do not indicate RAC and time/date to reister) are available on-line at the follwing URL:


A printed copy of an unofficial DARS may be requested from the CoB Office of Student Services in 214 Copeland Hall on a next-day basis. A sign-up sheet is available at the students services window.