AIS-SIG-IS in Asia Pacific (ISAP)
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About AIS SIG-ISAP (IS in Asia Pacific)


AIS SIG-ISAP is an academic platform for IS/MIS researchers/scholars in the world who are interested in IS issues in Asia Pacific, which was officially approved by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) as the Special Interest Group on IS/IT Issues in Asia Pacific (ISAP) in 2004. Therefore, in the official name of AIS, the main purpose of the AIS SIG ISAP is to provide a forum where international scholars and practitioners interested in IS/IT issues of Asia Pacific region can come together and meet with each other, share research and practice experiences, and promote research collaborations.

The advisors of ISAP association include Professors Gordon Davis of University of Minnesota, USA and some other  AIS senior scholars and/or past presidents like Richard Watson, K.K. Wei, etc. 

With the leadership of the founding president, Professor Huang, the ISAP has successfully organized and held two international conferences on IS/IT issues in Asia Pacific, one in Washington D.C., USA in 2004 and another in Las Vegas, USA in 2005. The conference participants came from more than 13 countries/cities, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, Canada, UK, and Turkey. The invited keynote speakers and internationally well-known IS scholars included Professors Michael Myers (from New Zealand, the President of AIS, 2006-2007), Richard Watson (from USA, the President of AIS, 2004-2005), Kalle Lyytinen (formerly from Finland, Europe and now working in USA, AIS Fellow and former Editor-in-Chief of Journal of AIS), Bernard Tan (from Singapore, Senior Editor of MIS Quarterly Journal), Masaaki Hirano (from Japan, President of the Japan Society for Management Information), and Choon Ling Sia (from Hong Kong, Associate Editor of MIS Quarterly Journal).

The ISAP has become an established international AIS-SIG  for IS research related to Asia Pacific. It organizes annual international conference and/or track/workshop on IS/IT in Asia Pacific, and publishes special issues on international IS journals each year (for example, five special issues were already published in International Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM) and International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management).



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